Peter Arguimbau

Peter Arguimbau
Peter Layne Arguimbau studied the Classical Renaissance in Italy (1981 - 1984). He also studied at The Art Students League in New York under Frank Mason from 1974 to 1981, as well as Summer Landscapes under Mason from 1968 to 1981. Mr. Arguimbau makes his own grounds as well as grinds his own pigments from powders, then cooks his own oil-resinous mediums in the tradition of the Flemish Masters from 1450 - 1650. Considered a light effect painter, he gives his paintings a rich Old World quality with deep luminous transparencies. Mr. Arguimbau is the recipient of numerous awards and his work is part of collections all over the world. The subject of several articles in American Arts Quarterly, he was also Vice President of the National Society of Mural Painters.

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