People and Pets

Barrie Barnett

Barrie Barnett paints for clients ranging from busy New Yorkers to bustling Londoners. Her unique and refreshing use of her mediums, as well as her exquisite artistic talent and years of experience, allow her to create breathtakingly memorable portraits.    With forty years of experience under her belt, Barrie continues to be in demand to paint family members of all kinds.


 Beth Carlson

Coveted by equine and canine collectors across the country, Beth Carlson consistently captures individuals’ and pets’ personalities.  She has five paintings in museums and is also a member of the nationally recognized organizations Women Artists of the West and Oil Painters of America.


Kathryn Freeman

Kathryn Freeman’s narrative paintings combine classical composition with magical realism. Kathryn says she tries to distill forms to their essence, giving them enduring universality.  Everyday images which recur in her paintings such as animals, trees and hearts, kindle deeper interpretation.  Freeman studied at the University of New Hampshire and Brooklyn College.  She had six exhibitions at Tatistcheff Gallery in NYC from 1983-2003.  Freeman has also exhibited in internationally.

Roger Henry

Roger Henry is a Los Angeles-based artist with an international clientele.  Originally an art director for film and television, his cinematic background influences his work today:  Henry takes as much time as possible getting to know his subjects and exploring possible settings and the effect of light throughout the day.   His animals as well as humans have an intense and vibrant quality.

Beth de Loiselle

Beth de Loiselle developed her unique technique for portraiture and miniatures at the Schuler School of Fine Arts where she now teaches. Burnett de Loiselle is an exquisite jewelry line by Susan Burnett which features Beth de Loiselle miniatures. Beth has received international awards and has exhibited in New York, Paris, London and Charleston, SC.

Booth Malone

Award-winning equine artist Booth Malone is widely known for his equestrian and sporting paintings.  Essentially self-taught, he was strongly influenced by John Singer Sargent and Sir Alfred Munnings. “They’re really twin souls.  If Sargent had gone outside more he would have painted like Munnings and vice versa… they went for subtle gestures and that appealed to me — good paintings should be more than photographic accuracy.”

David McEwen

David McEwen’s formal training began at 13 when he was accepted into a group formed by the renowned painter Victor Pasmore.  Afterward he earned bachelors’ and a master’s degrees.  He taught Fine Art until the early 90s when he decided to become a full-time painter.  His work has been in magazines as well as a number of prestigious exhibitions.  His paintings have won international competitions and International Artist named him as a “Master Painter of the World”.

Catrina Monroe

Catrina Monroe has been specializing in equine paintings and portraits since 1994.  A native of northern Alabama, Catrina grew up riding and drawing horses.  She teaches riding, trains colts and has even broken wild Mustangs.  She lives in Tennessee horse country.  Past exhibitions have been in Colorado and the Southeast, and her paintings have been featured in The Chronicle of the Horse and Bliss.

Vivian Moody

Vivian Moody is known for her human, canine and equine portraits.  She finds that unique “something” to reveal her subject’s character, and often sets the painting in their home.  Her attention to detail gives her paintings an enduring realism.  She has exhibited in a wide range of shows and has been a finalist in the Artists Magazine Competition; at The Atlanta Portrait Society; and The Art Show at The Dog Show in Wichita, Kansas.

Amanda Norman-McGuire

Amanda Norman McGuire graduated with honors from Brown University with a degree in Visual Art.  She also studied graphic design at The New School in NYC as well as sculpture at RISD’s Pont Aven School of Art in France.  Norman is an award-winning artist who coast-to-coast clientele including interior designers, art collectors and celebrities.