Dixie Cup in the Sun

Dixie Cup in the Sun

Artist: Catrina Monroe

Subject Matter:

Price: $1000

Framed: Yes

Dimensions: 11 x 14


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To order call: 843-577-5500


"I named her Dixie Cup because she was so little and cute. She was a Quarter Horse, bred to work cows. This painting is of her when she was just two years old. I bought her when she was a yearling and trained her myself. She had not even been taught to lead yet, but was the easiest horse I ever trained. That's because Dixie was just such a little sweetie pie! In fact, the first time I ever rode her out of the round pen, she was so unruffled by the whole affair that at one point, while we were walking back to the barn through a sunny, overgrown meadow, she started swaying slowly to and fro, and the next thing I knew she just folded her little legs and laid down for a nap....with me still on her back! She loved to be loved on, and to have her face rubbed. She would come up to me and lay her head on my shoulder and wiggle it around a little bit to ask for me to rub her face and her eyes. If I stopped, she would wiggle her head again, just like a dog rooting her snout for more petting. Dixie was funny, too. She hated the water hose, because it looked too much like a snake to her, She could never be around while water tanks were being filled, because she would race up and grab the hose with her teeth and fling it out and away from the tank and run away. She did not want big, green snakes in her water! Dixie was also a little piglet about snacks. Sometimes when we went on long trail rides, I had to sneak snacks and drinks because the sound of cellophane rustling would stop her in her tracks! I guess you can tell she was a little bit spoiled. Because she was so sweet, she was a rare little horse that you could spoil and get away with."  -Catrina Monroe