Love My Dog Pendant Poodle

Love My Dog Pendant Poodle

Artist: Paul Eaton

Subject Matter:

Price: 675

Framed: Not Set

Dimensions: 1" x 1" 1/2"


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To order call: 843-577-5500


From Great Britain Paul Eaton VPRMS MAA hand carved a Poodle pendant an elegant sterling-silver miniature dog sculpture made into a jewelry piece you can wear close to your heart. The title of the pendant is "Love your Dog", the head is framed with a heart. A perfect bespoke realist Poodle pendant for Valentines Day, Mother's Day or any day for the dog and jewelry lover. Realist animal jewelry can be customized with any breed in Sterling silver, 9ct, 18ct and any combination of metal. Poodle lovers will be thrilled to have this as a pendant or charm which measures 1" x 1" x .5" deep. Paul Eaton possibly the world's best miniature sculptor of animals is, luckily for consumers, also a master gold/silversmith. A sterling silver necklace is available for $180. .