Luke with Flowers

Luke with Flowers

Artist: Stone Roberts

Subject Matter: , ,

Price: 3500

Framed: No

Dimensions: 20 x 17


Art Type:

To order call: 843-577-5500


edition of 20, 2014 Dog & Horse is pleased to present LUKE AND FLOWERS, a photogravure by. Inspired by a painting of the same title, the photogravure captures the artist's wonderful range of compositional mastery and tonal variation. Soft contrasts between dark and light are exemplified in this superbly composed and witty edition. LUKE AND FLOWERS features Roberts' long time English Cocker Spaniel who became a regular part of Stone's work. Having accompanied Roberts to the studio regularly, Luke was often a reluctant model. However, in this composition, Luke poses gracefully as the canine version of a classical sculpture. Lapping gently from a saucer, Luke is unconcerned by the ensuing chaos! This entrancing photogravure reveals Roberts’ artistic mastery of capturing the moment perfectly.