Passing Through Just Like the River

Passing Through Just Like the River

Artist: Kathryn Freeman

Subject Matter:

Price: 8800

Framed: Yes

Dimensions: 36 x 48


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He came to me in the night

two weeks after he departed this earth

I heard him climbing the stairs

which he had not done for years

I awoke and could see his silhouette on the landing

back lit by the hall light

his big strong head and shoulders monumental

I got out of bed and tiptoed to him

and sat down

He leaned against me and spoke in a deep baritone

which I always imagined he would have

I am sorry I left without explaining

But you shouldn’t grieve for me

We all know we will be leaving and moving to our next life

Who is We? I asked, pressing my forehead against his

The Animals, he said.

We exist before we come to earth and we exist after we depart

We learn while we are there-

about human frailties and strengths

about cruelty and kindness

and we give selfless love to those who care for us, to those who need us

Then we get our next assignment

and we depart

So please don’t grieve for me, you see

We are all just passing through like the river.