The Dive

The Dive

Artist: Kathryn Freeman

Subject Matter:

Price: $5750

Framed: Yes

Dimensions: 30" x 50"


Art Type:

To order call: 843-577-5500


Kathryn Freeman's American realism painting has created a magical outdoor narrative with her brightly colored and poetic painting. The large scale serene outdoor landscape painting, "The Dive", captures a young man's elegant dive while his friends and dogs wait to join the fun and swim in the river. In the artist's own poetic words: "The young man's back is mirrored by the shape of the egret flying, gliding through the air. A collection of teens wait their turn to leave their earthbound state of being and leap with abandon into the river. A boy stands with his hands tentatively touching his love interest. The girl in a yellow bathing suit sits quietly gazing out at the landscape perhaps lost in a daydream. In the water some wood ducks swim oblivious to the human drama above. And might that be Ophelia, floating by with the current? "