“Spent Shells Along the Atlantic”

“Spent Shells Along the Atlantic”


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written by Tom S Long   Hardcover: 232 pages  Publisher: Roger Sparks Publishing; 1st. edition (2009) This exciting book reminds us that duck and goose hunting as we know it began on the East Coast where the sport became a grand, North American tradition. Author Tom Long learned to hunt under the tutelage of old hunters, most of whom are gone. Tom developed the art of decoying ducks and geese, the love of retrievers and an appreciation of wooden decoys carved by practical hunters that had seen the world during a different era. Tom's father, the late Dr. Thomas Sparrow Long, hunted when the birds were truly plentiful. Today, Tom hunts with his son Tommy who can only listen in awe to the stories. Thus the book also features a father introducing his son-and many other youngsters-to the unique world viewed from a duck blind. Although it features a mix of old and recent days afield, Spent Shells Along the Atlantic was never intended to be a complete history of Atlantic Coast waterfowling. The pages do chronicle an era with bits and pieces of history gathered by the author during 50 years of traveling up and down the Coast in pursuit of waterfowl. It contains a potpourri of modern photographs and those of many old clubs, blinds and hunting stands. There are pictures of old and contemporary decoys as well as a word or two about the carvers. Likewise the book was not created to provide a detailed guide to hunting opportunities available today. It is more a comparison of modern hunting to that of the golden age of waterfowling a hundred years ago, and to that end the book is filled with stories of modern hunts along with tales from the old market-gunning days. A few old hunting maps and a good many secrets of the past were included just because they were interesting. This book ends up as a mix of old and new, truth and lore, surrounding a sport that thickens the blood to the exclusion of almost everything else. To the reader interested in the past or present, Spent Shells offers a colorful look at a beloved part of our heritage.-Roger Sparks, Publisher

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