Established in 2001 by Jaynie Milligan Spector, Dog & Horse Fine Art is a source for top quality traditional paintings, contemporary canvases, sporting artists, and bespoke animal jewelry.  Detailed miniature sculptures in jewelry which are meticulously made and intricately detailed oil miniatures in bespoke jewelry are wonderful keepsakes for collectors.

Ms. Spector studied with Sotheby’s Auction House in London, England, and worked as an art consultant. She also spent a short period at Christie’s Contemporary Art Department and years at a Soho art gallery in New York City. Ms. Spector’s background provides her with resources for locating the best animal art in the US and Europe, anything from any period, so much so that she has built major collections.

Are you looking to find a distinguished artist to paint your beloved dog, horse or even, your Longhorn? Clients are able to find the right artist to suit their taste and budget, whether they are looking for the most esteemed artist or for quality affordable portraits.