20th Anniversary “Black & White and Color All Over”

06 Aug

20th Anniversary “Black & White and Color All Over”


 “Black & White and Color All Over

September 3rd-November 6th, 2021



Receptions/Celebrations are First Fridays: Sept. 3rd, Oct. 1st, and Nov. 5th from 5-8PM

Black & White and Color All Over is a play on words, many would recognize as a newspaper reference. For today’s millennial audience, the message still resonates, and may in some ways be amplified. Today’s messaging is more pervasive, the delivery platforms more immediate, and the visual force even more powerful.

Black & White and Color All Over will showcase Barrie Barnett’s detailed charcoal narratives and Ian Mason’s minimalist dog paintings in his signature palette of blacks, whites and greys, and all the shades in between.

Both Barnett and Mason create, respectively, traditional and contemporary statements in black and white. Featured alongside will be works of equine artist Valarie Wolf, showcasing her retro black and white horse paintings. Joining them, our additional featured artists will share their talents with heaps of color along with narrative paintings to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Exhibiting artwork of the highest quality, diverse both in subject matter and style, is imperative to our gallery. We hope everyone will enjoy and delight in the works we have to share, and above all, find the art deeply heartening.

The first iteration of Dog & Horse Fine Art gallery specializing in fine dog and horse art debuted in the suburbs of New York City in the aftermath of 9/11. The opening reception took a precarious turn when the Bedminster, New Jersey police contacted us to confirm that our formal invitations were not, in fact, infested with anthrax. Our first exhibition provided the public with the uplifting theme, escaping the overwhelming anxieties of the time.

Settling permanently in the Holy City in 2003, Dog & Horse Fine Art has stood the test of time. Through enduring 2008 bump in the road, 3 consecutive hurricanes and the Coronavirus pandemic, we have grown a strong and loyal bond within our community and are thrilled to celebrate the past 20 years with you!

                               CLICK TO SEE LARGER IMAGE (Ian Mason’s are 43 x 30)