From a Dog’s Point of View: Peculiar People

12 Nov

From a Dog’s Point of View: Peculiar People

Artist & Author’s Reception:

Friday, Dec 6th, 5 – 8 p.m.

“From a Dog’s Point of View: Peculiar People”

FRANK PEABODY & Gallery Canine Artists

DECEMBER 6th – JANUARY 11th, 2020

In conjunction with a book signing by Debbie Ann Ice 


Bedazzled Ink Publishing, 2019 $16.95

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Frank Peabody’s watercolors of people doing unusual things.. juxtaposed with Dog & Horse Fine Art’s dogs looking on curiously should amuse and fascinate.

Charleston’s local resident and Princeton graduate, Frank Peabody expresses “Painting is an adventure for me, having spent my entire career in the business world (in Louisville, Kentucky.   In painting, I find peace and serenity. I am drawn by everyday subjects in my life from people to places to things. My challenge is to… infuse them with emotion, mystery and a dash of drama.”

Debbie Ann Ice was born, raised, and tolerated on a sultry, green island on the coast of Georgia. All grown up she worked in finance in New York City rating bonds.  Once settled in New England her very special sons came along, and she focused on honing her personality and insight into the written word thus sharing it with the world.  Writing and laughter is her place of serenity.

“Find Sam” Marcy is a distracted, anxious, and unethical young adult who can barely focus on her dog-walking job. Her personal life is challenged by caring for her mentally-ill brother and her non-coping mother. When she loses her client’s Corgi, Sam, the attention sets off a dog search that explodes on social media and becomes a national obsession, inspiring Sam’s owner to fantasize about fame and fortune while emphasizing Marcy’s guilt. Meanwhile, Sam intermittently takes time out to chat with the reader about his predicament, his plans to survive the “free market system” he has been forced into, and ideas concerning existentialism. Sam is quite the intellectual who understands more than humans realize and is why they can’t find him. Marcy’s desperation to bring Sam home eventually leads to scandal that forces her to choose between continuing her shady life style and changing her behavior despite the consequences.