Marty Whaley Adams “Canine and Feline Companions”

14 Jul

Marty Whaley Adams “Canine and Feline Companions”

 Marty Whaley Adams


November 6 – November 28, 2015

Artist reception: Friday, November 6, 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

With Mrs. Whaley’s “Cocktail Snacks”

Marty Whaley Adams has clearly had a creative Renaissance.

Marty’s new series of paintings continue her tradition of creating works of art that are strong and demonstrative, while at the same time romantic. Many of the new paintings merge art and craft, a reflection of the more natural, unpretentious world we live in today. Her canine and feline subjects are always noble; now they are iconic.

“Many years ago, I took classes in Atlanta at The Finishing Source, a school that specializes in decorative painting. My teacher, Caroline Woldenberg taught me how to decorate the walls of my own home. With this series of paintings I have married craft with my fine art. The paintings for this upcoming show will have gold and silver leafing, stenciling, plaster effects, and anything that will add texture and interest.” Quote Marty Whaley Adams


Fancy Frenchie 18 x 18 oil and stencil 2900

“Fancy Frenchie”

18 x 18

Oil and Stencil


  Nitch the Linebacker 30 x 24 oil and plaster glaze 3800 sml


30 x 24

Oil and Plaster Glaze


Best Buds oil and plaster 30 x 40 4500 sml

“Best Buds”

30 x 40

Oil and Plaster


Jack Russell 15 x 12 oval antique frame 2100 sml

“Handsome Russell”

15 x 12 oval, antique frame


         Pip at the Spinning Wheel oil and plaster 36 x 48 4200

“Pip at the Spinning Wheel”

36 x 48

Oil and Plaster



Benji drawing18 x 14 590 framed 25 x 21 725

“Let’s Go”

18 x 14, 25 x 21 framed



Cat Yawning 12 x 24 2400 sml

“Cece Relaxing”

12 x 24


Myra 15 x 13 framed 18 x 14 550

15 x 13, 18 x 14 framed



Old Soul 16 x 20 1900 sml

“This is Jack”

16 x 20


Benji 20 x 16 oval oil 2400 sml

“Let’s Go”

20 x 16 oval



VOLTAIRES SOUL 300 30 x 15 2900 sml

“Voltaire’s Soul”

30 x 15


 Dachsund 16 x 12 oil gold-silver leaf 1800 sml

“Just a Paw to Go”

16 x 20

Oil, Gold and Silver Leaf


 Dog is My CoPilot 16x16

“Dog is My CoPilot”

16 x 16


CeCe in the Mirror oil and plaster 24 x 24 3200

“CeCe in the Mirror”

24 x 24

Oil and Plaster


 Sweet Pea of Hallie Hill 15 x 30 oil and plaster 1950 2

“Sweet Pea of Hallie Hill”

15 x 30

Oil and Plaster


 Elegant 20 x 14 framed 25.5 x 21 725


20 x 14, 25.5 x 21 framed



Yawning Cat 20 x 12 680 framed

“Yawning Cat”

20 x 12, 26 x 17 framed



 Shashas Eyes unsigned 18 x 14framed 21 x 17.5 625

“Sasha’s Eyes”

18x 14, 21 x 17.5 framed




“An Interruption”

48 x 24

Oil on Panel


Marty with her paintings in progress and commentary



The theme of the Artists for Emanuel auction,

Straight From the Heart.

My theme on this painting is forgiveness.

Oliver joins me
My Feline companion, Olive, joins me here to work out some details

3 Dog is my Copilot-2

Beginning “Dog is my Copilot”

4So excited about this series of work Dog is my Copilot I love this painting - here is a detail

So excited about this series of work, “Dog is my Copilot”, I love this painting – here is a detail

5 6


“I cannot wait to be finished, I am gorgeous”

Quote – from the gallery

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At Marty Whaley Adams’ reception, November 6th (details above) will be the announcement of the winner of the

Puppy Love Pageant

The prize a graphite portrait by Marty Whaley Adams
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